ITCO LAB is certified laboratory with equipment capable of providing prompt instrumentation monitoring & analysis report.

The principal objectives of any geotechnical instrumentation project are to provide quantitative and qualitative information on the parameters that are relevant to the engineering problem on hand, regardless of the type of soil medium. Instrumentation programs are generally initiated as a means of obtaining information necessary for the successful design and execution of a construction project, or to verify that the performance of a completed engineering work is acceptable and in agreement with predicted behavior.


The quantities most frequently observed by instrumentation are force, stress and strain, linear and angular displacements and pressure. Measurement of these physical quantities is all that is needed to arrive at the parameters relevant to most geotechnical problems, such as:

  • Surface and subsurface ground movements (Differential and Total Settlement).
  • Settlement, tilt and horizontal displacement of structures (Tilting of Structure).
  • Stress, strain and load in structural dements (Axial Shortening).
  • Pore pressure in the ground and on boundaries of structures.